Tuesday, 23 April 2013


Scrap art and not final copy. 

I would have executed this marketing communication exercise in response to British Airways resuming their flights to Colombo.
‘If you flying to Sri Lanka, enjoy our Sri Lankan hospitality from your journey itself. It makes the destination better’.
That’s my strategic rationale.
The concept itself is relatively inexpensive to produce as you already have in-house models. I have used scrap art from the Internet, multiple situations in-flight showing the stewardesses interacting with passengers must be photographed. Always in the passengers’ perspective, so you can imagine and even place yourself in the same situation.
The jasmine flowers are to connote charm, relaxation and peace. Much sought after in the west. They drink jasmine tea to relax and detox.
There are multiple expressions possible in creative execution, in multi communication channels, even in-flight and especially in digital media.
The Sri Lankan Airlines Jasmine Campaign.
We’ll take you there!
Dhammika Dharmawardhane

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